STOP THE REMOVAL OF CHILDREN INTO CARE before family interventions have been used.

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Deborah McMillan
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My petition needs a lot of work. When I feel better able to do so, I will reference and make the real impact better known.

However, children are being removed from their family homes in record numbers. This goes on in secrecy and with parents forced into silence and threatened with prison if they openly talk about it. Yes, it is important to safeguard the children but, every 20 minutes families have children removed. How, in modern Britain can this happen? Is it really down to higher levels of child abuse, or because the appropriate services are often not provided to those in need? A child's best place is usually in the family home.Yes, child abuse happens but a lot of these families asked for support and help. Preventative services are there to help families but usually not offered until its to late, if at all.

I want it to be in all cases, where the abuse is subjective and suggested and not proven, for families to be provided with intense family support, via services, such as Bain and Dahl partnership, for at least a 14 day period before removal.

The impact the current system is having on families must not carry on. The use of 'future emotional harm' also known as the crystal ball method is being used too often to seperate families. Families struggle and at times of stress, parents do not always act as they should. This should not mean over 504 families a week are seperated. More money should be put into preventing family breakdown, education and support. Instead of funding the £1.7 billion foster care industry.

Parents who ask for help, should not be penalised. Parents with a history of mental Ill health should not be penalised. 1st time parents deserve a chance to prove they can parent before having their child removed.

The impact child removal has is wide reaching, on the child and the family. Social services are not prepared to work with families who question them or don't ask how high when they say jump.


The secrecy of family court means that people are not aware of the system until it affects you or a loved one. It affects the childs lives, parents lives, wide family and friends lives.