Local Representation on the Board of Exhibition Place

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It’s time for the communities around Exhibition Place to have a voice on the Board of Governors in what happens to this City-owned 192-acre property.

Over the past 15 years, the population around the catchment area of Exhibition Place (in Parkdale, Liberty Village, Niagara, Fort York, City Place, Bathurst Quay, Wellington Place) has increased by over 125,000 people. They/we need green space for our physical, mental, and social well-being.

It makes sense for the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place to set aside a position for a representative of the surrounding geographic community as an important stakeholder group. Doing so would contribute to the good governance of this important iconic City landmark.

There are four publicly appointed positions on the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place. Three of these positions will lapse in 2021. 

The Toronto Public Appointments Secretariat revises/reviews the qualifications for the public appointments for the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place.  We have shared our concerns, and requested the inclusion of a local community representative in the job requirements for applicants.

Besides voicing your agreement through signing this petition, please consider running for an Exhibition Place Board position.


Organized by the Parkdale Residents Association and the West Side Community Council

You can reach us at info@excluded.ca