Am I safe? Are we safe?

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•Rape cases

Being a female ,we question ourselves everyday - are we safe in our own city An act must be taken to punish these people .I urge the supreme power of the country to form a solid law or an action against this brutual acts.

Me,my female friends and girls everywhere are being told to be cautious about where and whom we are with.Not to stay out till too late .It is our fault?Isn't it the fault of the way they see us?

It isn't about how we dress or what time we are out of the house .Its how they see us and their sick mentality for raping women-be it a 6 months old baby or a 70 years old women.

It isn't even about which religion the girl was from or what she was wearing.This for the every girl who got raped and didnt get justice.For every girl who didnt feel safe walking down the road alone

As long as there is rape, violence, harrassment, stalking, acid attacks, sex slavery because you are a girl or a woman... there is not going to be any peace or justice or freedom or the hope of a life in humanity.

-A 15 year old

Sign and share this petition as much as you can so they can be punished in such a manner that no one dares to do such thing again.

Thank you