Allow Terminally Ill Patients The Right To End Their Lives With Dignity

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My wife Pam passed away in May this year from cancer, it was her third lot since 2000 when she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and given 3 months, she struggled through the treatment and against the odds beat it. In 2016 she was diagnose with bladder cancer and underwent major surgery (11 hour operation) and chemo and radio therapy once more and again survived, but the treatment took its toll. On the 13 of  March this year she felt a bit unwell so i too her to A&E were she was scanned and admitted, the cancer had returned with a vengeance, in her remaining lymph nodes, liver and lungs. Her left leg was swollen to twice the size of her right and the pain was unbearable, during her stay in hospital they struggled to control her pain, sometimes she would howl like a dog. They tried to give her chemo but her body could`nt take it due to her previous treatments, she was begging them to let her die but all they did was to increase the drugs. By this time she knew her life was coming to an end, no treatment would be able to save her so her pain and distress was dragged out in total for nine weeks, i and my kids had to watch her die in a drug induced coma. No one should be made to suffer like that if their death is inevitable, if you treat a dog like that you would be in prison.