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Terminate / Fire : current Executive Director and Operation Manager

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Public Access of DC / DCTV
Terminate / Fire : current Executive Director and Operation Manager
It is very obvious that the DCTV website is being Micro Manage and any Communications with the Board of Directors is being diverted on purpose so that Members can not voice opinions for Change of Management Style and Tactics.

Since 1987 when Nantz Rickard proceeded a Hostile Takeover of the Creation of Public Access DCTV in Washington DC by creating a backstabbing approach to the creators and visionary group of people that help form DCTV and that her non people approach continues into the 21st Century.

In 2003-2004 the Production, Programming and other Staff Unionized because of a firing of a Staff Member for not falsifying production documents for a Board of Directors meeting in 2003.

And when the Employee used sound judgement and did not perform the task she was written up and fired with the subject title that she was insubordinate which prompted the staff to unionized with NABET-CWA union for Television workers seeing that the Personnel Manual was being totally violated by the Management of DCTV under Nantz Rickard.

During this Period 2003-2004 all of the Unionizing Staff were fired or written up for Insubordination under the tactics of Executive Director , Nantz Rickard.

In 2003 after requesting to talk to the Board of Directors during a Annual Meeting during the Unionizing Stages the Employees were told they had no voice and were instructed to stay in there Production Departments until an Employee who put in the request Demanded to be heard by the Board of Directors who were quickly rushing to adjourn.

The Producing Members in attendance were outraged and Demanding that the Employees have a Voice in the meeting to bring the Board of Directors into reality of what the Management was conducting under their watch.

After the Employee spoke to the Board of Directors the Employee was written up for Insubordination and Fired in 2004.

In 2004 after a Unionizing Shop Steward Employee spoke before the City Council the Employee was charged with Sexual Harassment in which after an Investigation found that the Newly Production Manager Hired an Non Experience DCTV Student fresh out of classes she was hired to work in the Production Department and was directed to accused the employee of Sexual Harassment and found liable for the accusation.

2004 The entire Production Staff was Fired which left the Unionizing efforts stalled and the remaining Staff was unable to continue because of scare tactics use by Management under Nantz Rickard , Executive Director.

2005 The Membership Producers and Staff has been subject to the Executive Director Personal Dog on the Premises and some members have complained that the dog barks during visits in which the dog is left to wander on the second floor where members use Studios and Use Members Kitchen and that some of the Members are allergic to dogs but have told take it or leave it because the dog is here to stay.

2005 to the Present: Various Violations of the Personnel Manual along with the Producer Manual that governs DCTV but was written exclusively by the current Executive Director.

Along with hiring Personnel that is not professional and takes for granted that the facility is for the Public and not the personal venue of the Executive Director and that the Producers are the reason for the survival of this entity.

2008 A Member viewed the Operations Manager touching a Female Employee in a section of her physical body and after the Member verbally brought to the attention of the Personnel Manual Violation of the Operation Manager to Management.

The Member was suspended in 2009 for bringing the issues to the attention of the Staff and Management after a DCTV Investigation proved that there was a clear violation of the Personnel Manual and continue to let the Operation Manager stay employed to continue to harass Employees and Members.

2009 to the Present: Various Violations of the Personnel Manual along with the Producer Manual that governs DCTV has violated employee rights through FORCED Terminations by Executive Director and Operation Manager.....

2012 The Employee that was Sexually Harass in 2008 while still employed was subject various Retaliatory activities during her tenure. Defamation of her Character while employed , continued Harassment by the Offender the current Operations Manager [ Bob Thomas ] that touched her.

And after her In-House Investigation of Incident in which she did confirm that the Manager touch her there was no follow up by the Administration.

After her testimony with the Office of Human Rights in DC... Vindictive tactics where taken by management until her TERMINATION was forced upon her on December 20 2012

Stating you are an employee at will and used that policy to terminate her even though she committed no Job Related Policy Offenses that should have resulted or warranted a sudden Termination after 12 years of SERVICE.

We need your Signatures since you took time out of your schedule to read these violations and can clearly see these violations.....

To the Board of Directors be ASHAMED for continuing to allow this to happen to people under you tenure. The Board must be receiving monetary
advances for not recognizing CORRUPTION.

The Concerned Members of DCTV Coalition for Change.
To Elect Producer Maria Jones as New Executive Director of DCTV.

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