Abolish Legault's Quebec COVID-19 measures, restore metal health amongst all Québécois

Abolish Legault's Quebec COVID-19 measures, restore metal health amongst all Québécois

March 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Teressa Miele

We can all agree that in March of 2020, the measures put in place were reasonable considering the COVID-19 virus and its possible effects, were unknown around the world. 

Currently, in March 2021, we seem to be the only province under such restrictive measures. 

The curfew that is currently still in place was supposed to be a 1 month effort, lasting from January 8th, 2021 to February 8th, 2021. The majority of Quebecs population (including myself) were lead to believe it would be completely removed after the given time period. As we approached February, Legault and his administration said they were extending it untill further notice. His decision to keep the curfew as sent many people into an unsettling state of mind. 

There are so many people left out when he imposes these laws. Thus, the theory doesn't represent the practicle. 

The big "what if's ?" Most are faced with; 

-Working 10hr or 12hrs days (where remote working is not possible), how am i supposed to get my car fixed?, attend a doctors appointment? Or even be able to pick up basic things for the house? 

It seems like the answer is, YOU CAN'T. Taking a day off is already difficult enough considering we are all (or almost all)  struggling financially. So its sad that you have to choose between losing money or getting food you yourself. 

-If you work from 2am to 11am (which is what i have had to do), how do you get a decent lunch or even a coffee? All the fast food restaurants are closed after 7:30pm and only open at 5am. Making it impossible to get a warm meal. The counter argument of "just pack a lunch, or go when everything is open!" Is invalid for many people. Example, truck drivers, police officers, plant workers, nurses, etc. if they work during odd hours of the night, they will most likely want to sleep during the day. Not leaving much time for them to get anything done. 

-If you smoke cigarettes and run out during your night shift. You just completely out of luck, and so are your co-workers. To some, smoking is just a thing people do like drinking alcohol for example. But, ask any smoker how they feel about needing a cigarette and not having one. People get really moody, really fast. Its a serious addiction and people are being deprived of it. What's the big deal if people can buy cigarettes between 8pm and 5am? Nothing. 

Personally, I'm a university student studying for a bachelors of mechanical engineering, I work 24hrs a week, and i personnly am feeling extremely depressed, my motivation and passion towards my goals has declined to almost nothing, I have to choose between showering, eating and sleeping everyday because I dont have the time to do all those things, and i get nothing done at home. All those things bunched up lead me to the same question, am i the only one feeling depressed like this? I hope the answer is yes, but im sure thats not the case. 

My conclusion, there are too many things to mention that leave out a large portion of quebec workers. 

Sign this petition, it might not help at all but the chances that it could help give me a little faith in light of the current situation. 

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Signatures: 63Next Goal: 100
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