A Call To Ban Mining In The Wombat State Forest

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We call on the State Government to ban all mineral exploration and mining in the Wombat State Forest and to cease all current exploration activities.

Exploration drilling has commenced on the edge of the Blackwood township within the Wombat State Forest. The area has high conservation significance and is home to many threatened species, including Greater Gliders and Powerful Owls. It is recognised for its recreational values and sits within the headwaters of the Heritage-listed Lerderderg River.

Blackwood residents were shocked to find that exploration drilling for minerals was recently carried out close to their township. Blackwood is a small community with a great love for the forest that surrounds them and has local businesses that rely on the tourism that flows through the region. People choose to live here for the closeness to nature and the peace and quiet. The potential for a gold mine on their doorstep is alarming.

In the wake of the recent devastating bushfires, the protection of our biodiversity is more important than ever. The Wombat State Forest is home to over 370 rare and threatened species that require our urgent attention, not a greater fragmentation of their environment.

The Wombat State Forest is renowned for its range of recreational activities. Many visitors come to enjoy the natural environment of this beautiful area.

The Wombat State Forest contains the headwaters of six important river systems and the recent mining explorations around Blackwood are within the headwaters of the Heritage-listed Lerderderg River which provides water to the Werribee Water Catchment System. Impacting this river will lead to a significant decline in water quality.

The Wombat State Forest should be protected from mineral exploration and mining and we call for action now.