Google, Bring back "PUB GFX Tool" on Play Store #PrayForPlay #BringBackPubgfxTool #PUBG

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Update: App are back on Google Play

PUB Gfx+ Tool with Game Turbo & Game Tuner

PUB Gfx Tool Free with Game Turbo & Game Tuner

Thank you Google :)

Hey, Google! Please bring back "PUB GFX Tool" on Play Store & change your automatic suspension policies.

  • On 25th of August, 2018. PUBG mobile discord states that Tencent is going to update the  PUBG mobile policy*
  • After 3 -4 months. Our petition made some impact and Tencent is not banning users at some extent for changing graphics settings but still no official statement is given by Tencent.
  • Now Google joined this and removed my apps from Play store because they think it is hacking.
  • On 25th of January, 2019. Received Google email for the removal & suspension of my apps "PUB GFX+ Tool" & "PUB GFX Tool Free" due to the Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy.
  • On 25th of January, 2019. I appealed for it because I believe it is caused by error.
  • On 28th of January, 2019. Google developer representative (Mike) replied that my apps were suspended & removed because of Developer Distribution Agreement (Section 4.9). Further they added these apps allow hacking.
  • From then no proper explanation is provided to me i.e. how my apps allow hacking.
  • Till now 4th of February, 2019. I received no other response then this "As much as I'd like to help, I’m not able to provide any more information or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me."
  • They uses the same old standard template for every reply and in the end, rejected my appeal (Most probably by bot) because Google Play is probably scanning apps looking for malicious behaviour, sdk’s or broken policies in an automated fashion.
  • On 5th of February, 2019. Whoa!! My both apps popped up again on Google Play. This time Sid App Ltd published my apps with modified package ID on 31th of January. Google Play Developer, What are you doing?
  • On 15th of February, 2019. Finally, after contacting Google about the removal. Both fake apps are removed by Google (Thanks to Google for removing & my users for flagging them on Google Play).

How all this started?

On 25th of August, 2018. Official PUBG mobile discord states that Tencent is going to update the  PUBG mobile policy*. According to the new policy, Use of tools like GFX Tool, BAGT, PUB GFX TOOL  may lead to the ban for the offence of cheating due to the modification of the graphics configuration.After that, Users of  PUBG mobile (PUBGM) who are using such "GRAPHICS TOOLS" are in the danger of getting their account suspended/30 days ban.

We are developer (Trilokia Inc. , Jediar Studios, Tsoml) of these tool and want to put our point of view so this petition is started.


"PUB GFX+ Tool" & "PUB GFX Free" apps are developed by me. Purpose of these apps is to optimise PUBG mobile performance & graphics. Only storage permission (No Root or suspicious/useless permission) is used by apps. EULA is present in apps & Privacy policies are also linked at Google Play Store (Store listing).

Both apps gain huge attention from all all over the world. Even it featured on many well know developer website. XDA is one of them Link  Adam Conway, XDA author went ahead & do a in-depth research using GameBench. He found out huge performance difference on old device like OnePlus 3.

Both apps collectively crosses the 5 millions download with nearly 500K active user. PUB GFX+ Tool is rank at number 1 paid tool apps & PUB GFX Free rank at Top 10 free libraries and demo apps for several months till they are removed from Google Play.

By Default, PUBG mobile locks graphics setting.

What my tools actually does?

  • Both tool apply those settings which are already present & used by the PUBG mobile Unreal4 engine.
  • Both tool only modifies the graphics configuration.
  • Both tool gives the freedom of customising  the graphics of PUBGM according to user choice.
  • Both tool helps in playing PUBGM on low end devices.

My tools neither help in cheating nor give an upper edge to the user. It simply make PUBG mobile playable on low end devices.

"If unlocking 60 fps is cheating then by this rule user who are using high end device is also doing cheating against the user who are using low end device.."

Now Google removed my both apps from Play store because they think it is hacking. As stated in the email that my apps are suspended due to Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy and sections 4.8 and 4.9 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. 

After the appeal, they said "My app currently allow users to hack or otherwise circumvent game mechanics using the app".

I tried multiple times but every time they replied  with "Thanks again for contacting Google Play Developer Support. As much as I'd like to help, I’m not able to provide any more information or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me. You should be able to find more information about your issue here: Developer Distribution Agreement. If you have a different question about the Play Developer Console, please let me know".

But one question arises:

Why Google is taking this type of specific action against PUB GFX+ Tool only?

Does this is caused by error or other company forces it to.

There are tons of apps available on Google Play store for Faking CPU & GPU info using root, entering cheat through Game Keyboard, mapping game control with hardware keys, hacking WiFi using WPS and many more.

Even there are many GFX Tool are available on Google Play with millions of downloads... ~GFX Tool, BAGT, GFX Tool Pro, GFX Tool For PUBG are few of them.

So according to Google play developers this is legitimate i.e.

  • You can change & spoof your hardware detail, mod the game textures and do much more to play unsupported games. ~Gltools
  • You can enter cheat for unlimited money, health etc using game keyboard. ~JCheater, CheatCode Keyboard.
  • You can bypass the game control mechanism and can map it with hardware keys.. ~Octopus
  • You can even hack Wifi using various vulnerability and much more. ~WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 

For the God sake, Please don't tell me, "It is for the educational purpose" but changing graphics settings of the game is hacking in Google terminology. 

This is Google developer's logic. How cool is that?

Does changing graphics of the game is really hacking?

Please sign and share this petition  with #PrayForPlay #BringBackPubgfxTool #PUBG, #PUBGFXTOOL on below social media platform.

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@Twitter: Purnima Kochikar Director, Google Play, Apps & Games at Google , GooglePlayDev , Googledevs , GooglePlay , GoogleDevsIN

"Google seriously lacks human assistance & they have to improve their developer support."

I contacted many Google Developers Relations & Google Developer Manager on Twitter/Linkedin but still no luck. 

My only inspiration is Pablo A. Martínez & Mark Dodson. Luckily, Their post went viral and caught Google developers attention. Finally, They managed to reinstate their apps.


Google just terminated our start-up Google Play Publisher Account on Christmas day

Google completely terminated our new business via our Google Play Developer Account


My absolute last hope is for the good people reading it & like, share and comment on this petition in the hope that the Google team will do the right thing and reinstate my apps.

Thank you in advance for your support.

All trademarked names and images are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of these names and images*