PUBG PC Servers in India

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PUBG Corporation

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To CTO / Studio Director:


I am petitioning for dedicated servers for Indian PUGB PC players who currently are pooling up with SEA players and are facing a technical disadvantage of network ping on major front. In every match, we play we see d-sync issues and our damage not registering before the opponent player whose name is obviously not Indian. We work with the developer team in reporting foul plays to keep a healthy gaming environment and we are appreciated by the team as well which is a really good thing but the hidden issue of the "PING" is not helping any of the Indians to experience a fail and healthy gameplay.


If among 100 players even if 4 players are getting >20 ms PING then it's not a fair play for the Indians playing in that Server, it's simply not justified. Most of us follow the best of the game-plays from the players/streamers around the world and try to apply the same in the game but it never works when Chinese / Vietnamese (mostly) are playing the game! For instance, Peekers advantage: I play on 45ms ping and I un-peek but get shot in the head as the other player obviously has >20 ms ping and it is just one instance.

In SEA Even the notifications on Lobby are in some language we don't understand! this is not appreciated on a large scale in Indian Gaming Community and we want this issue to be heard and acted upon the request. Please do not consider that Indians will just simply adjust and play going forward.

We will really appreciate if PUBG Corporation hears this petition and help us maintain a "Fair and Healthy Gaming Environment" 

Best Regards,

Indian Gamer