We want equality and holidays which others college get and we don't

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Guys as u all know we aloysians are deprived from holidays.In our college we didn't get holidays during dasara as they said we will get it during Christmas.And during Christmas they said exams are approaching and portion must be completed and ate our holidays also.And in janThey said that election are coming and conducted our exams our within mid February.We didn't say anything for this.

Unlike other colleges our college didn't even give a day holiday and started 2 nd PU the next day we finished exams . which continued till April 13. During the harsh manglorian summer we came to college when other colleges had holidays . And when the holidays were declared till June 04 our principal messages us and says that u will have classes from may 02

Are u serious? When others are getting 3 months holidays why don't we get

And why is election brought in our topic we can't even vote!

According to Indian constitution we have right to equality which aloysians are deprived from

Guys pls help u get more holidays