Safety for Women in Downtown Lake Worth

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PLEASE SIGN TO KEEP OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY - DOWNTOWN LAKE WORTH - SAFE! THANK YOU! I ask that our Lake Worth City Mayor, Pam Triolo, and all Commissioners, take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our local community for all. This was posted to Lake Worth Local in regards to CJ's Island Grill, located at 602 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460 "So, last night lake worth had some Miami guests, and they were treated quite oddly from CJs Bar on Lake Ave. My friend is a very attractive female who was here with her boyfriend for a show at Propaganda. He was performing, and so while he did his preparation, she went to eat at CJs. Sounds about right, yeah? The host sat her, and then asked if he could sit with her while she ate. He's an older fellow, bit heavy. Her, not wanting to be rude, said ok. He then began asking her if she was married, any kids, what was she doing here, et cetera. Not exactly what a host of a place should be doing on a busy Friday, to my understanding. Now, she had ordered a drink and a water to go with her salad. At this point the fellow asked her if she would go out front and see if he left his phone there. She asked if he would like her to call it, and he said no, it was out front and would she go get it. She finished her drink and took her water with her to check. Once again, this isn't something a host at a diner should be doing. She checked, it wasn't there. She came back, water in hand, and he said "ahh you're very smart". Does ANY of this sound creepy as hell? She asked if he would like her to call, and he said yes. The phone rang inside his pocket. She promptly left. CJs needs to check its host, because this isn't tolerable. We had a few people go back with her to talk to management and they brushed it off as "not a big deal". Yes, it is. When your host sits with females, and wants to be left with their drinks and has them looking for his phone in order to do so, this is problematic. So, fair warning. CJs has a creep for a host, and don't leave him with your drinks, otherwise you're not as "smart" as my friend was, according to him." Visit CJ's Island Grill on Facebook to see their deplorable response to this. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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