Allow Emotional Support Animals in Alberta

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Currently, Service Alberta does not recognize "emotional support animals" at all. The closest they have is "service dogs," which exclude any other type of pet. As a person who suffers from severe depression, significant anxiety and PTSD, I know the kind of relief a pet - cat, dog, etc., can bring. This petition is to bring awareness to the lack of, what I will refer to as, home therapy, available to in Albertans suffering from Mental Health issues. 

Whether or not you can afford counseling, an emotional support animal will be there for you all the time. Personally, there have been days when my cat has been my therapist and has gotten me through some of the darkest patches I've gone through.

This petition isn't just for those who want to register an emotional support animal, it's for those who believe we should be able to access that home mental health care. For those who have seen a friend struggle, a family member, a stranger - or yourself. 

Please, just sign & support us in making change that will help us & others with mental health issues.