Psychological father's should have rights

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I have a daughter, whose name is Arabella, who is almost two years old. Now I am not her biological father, but I originally had thought I was the biological father, until the paternity test. I have been in her life since the beginning of the pregnancy. From the day she was born, I have been the biggest part of her life, took care of her and watched her more than anyone else. In the middle of eight months, our house had a surprise yearly inspection, in which it was just the mother, Chasity, and the baby at the house. This is where all the hearsay began, which caused CPS to remove Arabella and Chasity, to the grandmother's (Chasity's mom). While Chasity was at her mothers', she got into a dispute, and her mom pressed charges for assault. Arabella was then placed in the state of West Virginia's custody. I had no idea that CPS was involved or why Chasity left to stay with her mom, but as soon as I heard that Chasity was in jail, I called CPS and found out the situation. I tried to get Arabella and they had told me since I had no proof of who I was, even with an ID or the fact I was on the birth certificate, that doesn't prove anything. So I called looking for a lawyer, had one set up, but then got summoned to court with an appointed lawyer. During the court hearing, they ordered me to do a DNA test. This is where I found out that I was not her biological father. I have continued fighting for Arabella since then. I have visits once a week to see her for two hours. Also I am required by court to do a drug screen once a week, which has been negative this whole time. In October, with no biological father found, Ron Salmon; who is Arabella's lawyer, requested a removal of my affidavit of paternity. The judge then said that with no father found, he will leave it as it is. When I had returned to court in January, I had found out that they did in fact remove my name from the birth certificate. During this moment, Ron, requested that my visits be canceled, and to remove me from Arabella's life. Judge Hoke, heard the request, but denied it, and continued with my visits. My lawyer, Victor Navy, is fighting for me being the psychological father. Ron Salmon is fighting against me saying that Arabella is far to young, and that she is not attached to me, in any way. Chasity, has not been passing her drug screens and they are pushing to terminate her from Arabella's life, which would leave Arabella without parents. My argument is that Arabella knows that I am her father. She calls me da-da, she says I love you, and she'll reach for me all the time. My visits are supervised and shared with Chasity, during which, I am the dominant parent. I believe that I should have rights to Arabella. I have fought this hard for her now, I'm not stopping until the courts see that I am her father. I think that ,if there is no biological father, that if someone who has been in her life, should be able to step up to the plate of fatherhood. I know for a fact, that if I were to get rights, that Arabella would be happy and surrounded by my love, instead of only seeing me once a week. My solution would be that if the child calls someone da da, and knows exactly who they are, that they should be able to have rights. Psychological in my opinion should count for something, even when biological doesn't work.