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This petition aims to prevent self harm such as slitting the wrist, punching walls, hanging oneself, medicinal overdose, poison intake, drowning, stabbing, jumping from heights, and the like.

Slitting wrists can damage the blood vessels that would cause an irregular blood flow or may even stop the circulation and take one's life. Hanging oneself will cause the blood to clog at a certain point causing capillaries, especially those in the eyes to burst. Drowning may cause respiratory impairment, damages in the nervous system, and cardiac arrest. Jumping from heights and punching walls will cause inflammation of muscles and bone breakage. Substance intake may cause severe damages in the digestive system that may cause complications in the different organs and organ systems.

As STEM students, we would like to protect the human body through the avoidance of self harm caused by psychological problems. The different systems of the body such as the circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems are usually damaged through the aforementioned kinds of physical harm caused by the instability of psychological health.

We are calling the attention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines to provide assistance and rehabilitation of people with psychological health problems. That is why, we are appealing to you to please sign this petition to avoid self harm by addressing such problems.

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