Psych evaluations and proper training for Timberline Pre-K

Psych evaluations and proper training for Timberline Pre-K

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Why this petition matters

Started by Tianna Lopez

An incident on 04/11/22 occurred where Mrs Sara Grippa physically put her hands on a child in her class, while Mrs Lisa Alexander stood by and watched. The student was trying to ask Grippa a question and she physically restrained him and attempted to hit his face while saying “no no no” to the student. 
Alexander did not report this. The mother is taking legal action against Grippa. 
This is not Grippa’s first offense. 
We are working towards removing her from her position as a teacher. 

It doesn’t take much to see that this is not how that situation should have been handled. There is never a reason to put your hands on a child or to not report misconduct in a school setting. 
No parent should have to deal with this and no child should have to endure it. 

Are they even trained to handle this properly? Schools are getting defunded left and right. Did the school board even pay for the correct training? Invasive background checks ? What services are offered to teachers? It’s a high stress high demand job. Under stress we all snap. How are they helping to prevent that?

Timberline Pre-K clearly needs to evaluate its staff to ensure they are of safe mind to teach their students as well as give proper training on how to handle situations like these. 

The community is calling for this training and evaluations for each staff member. 

26 have signed. Let’s get to 50!