Diversify PSIA-AASI West’s Board of Directors

Diversify PSIA-AASI West’s Board of Directors

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Anyone who has ever worked in the snow sports industry knows from experience that the community, leadership, and education system heavily consists of white males. The PSIA-AASI western division is no exception.

I have seen many BIPOC, LGBTQ, women, and people of low socioeconomic status be pushed out of this community simply because they are not given the same opportunity, gear, or support their white, male counterparts were given. Income inequality pays a large part in this unequal representation.

Census.gov run by the US Census Bureau provides data to the public that outlines  the differences in income parallel to levels of higher education and developed skills. Side by side persons with seemingly equal education, and most of the time (yes, most of the time) there are instances where an underrepresented group has more skills but, are still be paid less.

Females earned 81.6¢ to ever dollar a male earned. More specifically, black women who work full time in subsequent fields made 62¢ to the dollar a white male made. How do you think this effects a person’s ability to enter an industry and be competitive enough to succeed? It’s a recipe for failure- but there is a solution.

When you’re on the mountain and you hear your coworkers make statements like, “Black people don’t like the cold.” First, maybe tell them that is racist, and then explain that black people may not have had the same opportunity to buy winter gear that can properly protect them from extreme conditions. Because of systematic racism, ya know?

When you’re on the mountain and you hear, “They don’t work as hard as me.” Explain to them that statement is sexist/racist and that some people statistically need to work harder to earn the equivalence of what a white man makes. So it will take longer for marginalized groups to infiltrate institutions because they are quite actually working harder for less reward!

And here is a big tough one: When you’re on the mountain and you hear, “Well *insert underrepresented person here* works here- so we’re good.” Tell them that systematic oppression has forced many people in these groups to exhibit horizontal violence/oppression. And that a handful of people who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, women, and/or people of low socioeconomic status may feel alone, angry, and if not anything else, incredibly underrepresented. They may feel so pressured for space in the snow sports industry, that they exhibit horizontal suppression to others like them. Want to see a good example of this? Look up Candice Owens.

The system oppresses some of us so much that it’s fruitful for the individual to side with the oppressor. Again, it’s fruitful for the individual to side with the oppressor than to stand with their misrepresented group. Look up ‘battle of the sexes’ in game theory. 

What about that solution? This petition is to, at the very least, create awareness and begin ACTION within PSIA-AASI west. They are the educators, and we would like to ask then to create a system that would extend the opportunity for marginalized groups to become a permanent part of snow sport culture. It all starts with the education. Seriously, it all starts here! And to also share our greatest wishes, we've outlined them for PSIA-AASI:

1.) Create new seats in their board of directors so to make space for all misrepresented groups. And have an additional election to bring the new members on board asap. The seats would parallel to the national stats that are: 60% white, at least 5.9% Asian, at least 13% black, and at least 18% Latinx. And of course, these groups will be 50/50 female to male. Self identified or non-binary, of course to represent LGBTQ.

2.) Don’t have room for new seats? Empty current seats and match the stats presented above. Affirmative action sometimes includes stepping out of the way.

3.) Finally, after choosing 1 or 2, make the election public. Many underrepresented groups have not even have the opportunity to become a PSIA-AASI member. For this to work, having the new elections be public is essential.

4.) Making sure that the new nominees are not the oppressed acting as oppressors. See Candice Owens, see horizontal oppression/violence, see Battle of the Sexes in Game Theory. If they’re not interested in the equalization of rights and are only interested in their personal gain, they have no business taking seat to represent marginalized groups. This is not to say that they should not be rewarded for their efforts! Equal compensation is a given. This last one... is a TOUGH one to understand. Here is one way I can give an example of the oppressed acting as oppressors: think about women who just dislike hanging out with other women. Maybe they say they prefer the company of male friends only. That's a small, but real, sign of sexism in females. 

We are The Snow Pros and we signed for the most vulnerable members of our community.


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