Get our school to use locally grown foods

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We are a few year 6 students from Hong Kong. Global warming is a huge issue in today's society. A lot of the carbon dioxide is made from the fossil fuel that planes and boats expel. Eating food that has been shipped internationally harms the environment, and we are here to stop it.

Eating locally grown food has many benefits. For example, when shipping, 40% of the foods national value is lost when being transported, therefore, eating locally grown food, or GROWING your own food, makes it more nutritious, and delicious. Eating local food also helps and benefits your community's economics, and it builds trust. It also benefit's the environment, with there being less carbon dioxide being expelled from transportation. We are trying to change, one step at a time

We are trying to get our schools cafeteria to use locally grown food, as we know that it would benifit the students, and the people that eat there. It will be much healthier, and more benefitial to the environment. Once we have collected enough signatures, we will show this to our school, and hopefully they will change.

Thank you!