Have Paul Reed Smith (PRS) make a Core Custom 24 7 string guitar.

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It is now 2017. 7 string guitars are no longer a passing fad or micro-niche in the market. PRS make the most incredible guitars on the planet, but up to this point for players wanting to enjoy a 7 string PRS model the options have been lower SE models (fine, but not US made quality) or practically inaccessible Private Stock models (not reasonably practical). 

Many guitarists I have spoken to in the past several years have expressed interest in a PRS Core Custom 24 7 string, were it to be built.  We are simply hoping to amass these voices in a common place to show Paul and the Maryland team that there is significant demand to support the required re-tooling and development of a Core level 7 string model. 

I know Paul has stated in the past that the voice of the public would have to demand a model (similar to the Custom 24 Floyd Rose models).

There are several online forums with voices similar to mine in this regard. We're the 7 string Custom 24 to be announced, I would order one today. Let's organize and see if we can influence a legendary guitar builder to listen to the community.