Undoing of the changed curfew timings in Women Hostels in Jamia Millia Islamia

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After a long struggle, women hostellers of Jamia Milia Islamia lead a powerful struggle last semester to extend their curfew timing to 10.30pm, which was agreed to by the administration in writing. However, *Jamia administration in a brazen, non-transparent, authoritative and undemocratic move, has brought back the hostel timings to 9pm, that too during vacations*. This is printed on the new prospectus, along with a new rule that states that hostellers *"will not indulge in any protest or Signature Campaign against Hostel Rules, Regulations or timing"*. These rules are to be adhered to "freely and fully", failure to abide by which can lead to accommodation in the hostel being "cancelled immediately". *This is in complete violation of our fundamental rights to dissent and protest, and an outright against the protests last semester*. The threat of expulsion from hostel is yet another attempt to silence and criminalise the voices and resistance of women students, and a move to further increase their vulnerability and marginalisation in higher education. In addition, the administration has also imposed a closing time for the Inner Hostel Gate of 11.30pm which means that women students from one hostel cannot go to another hostel. It needs to be mentioned here that no such restrictions exist for male hostellers.

We know how hard we have had to struggle to get the extension we achieved last semester, we know what a long and arduous battle it has been from fear to collective strength and power. The administration needs to know that the few hours of freedom and mobility that we had achieved, we are not going to give it up, we are not going to be scared, we are going to fight this collectively! *We women are adults capable of taking care of ourselves and taking our own decisions. We deserve equal opportunity, accessibility, presence and visibility in all academic, political, and public spaces. We deserve right to attend public meetings, seminars and libraries at whatever 'odd' times we want*. These are our fundamental rights and no administration can snatch them from us. Jamia administration will be witness to how much resistance we are capable of. We will not accept this authoritarianism at all. This needs to be done away with or be ready for resistance from our side.

We shall fight! We shall win! This is unacceptable and outrageous. We reject this ruling. We reject it.
We want to undone as soon as possible.