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Stand with the Media and Communication Studies Department!

Thanks so much to everyone who has already signed this petition to show our support for the Media and Communication Studies Department. As many of you personally know, it is a really wonderful department with incredible faculty that has taught their students how to think and communicate well. Over the last several days, different representatives of the Provost's office, some members of the Student Government Association, and others have claimed those of us who are concerned about this proposal have been "mislead" or are "misinformed." They have said that we do not have all of the facts, that nothing will actually be changing, that none of this is real. This simply is not the case. We have read the full proposal and are able to see through the promises it makes to the hard truth of the matter. "Academic renewal" does not come at the cost of edging out 35 full-time faculty members and replacing many of them with part-time adjuncts, and inappropriately classifying Media and Communication Studies as an art. The University has begun to respond to our outrage: different representatives of the University began responding on social media to concerned students, and SGA issued a statement. As we interact with these responses, I encourage all of you to use what many of you have learned from the Media and Communications Studies Department and respond thoughtfully, rationally, and with love. Every one of us, including the administration, loves this university; we all want to see it flourish and do what's best for it. To this end, we must make sure that this is a intentional conversation where we speak our minds. The administration has an interest in passing this proposal by keeping us inactive: if they can convince us that nothing is really going to change or make us look like we are overreacting despite the reality of the changes, the proposal can silently pass with little to no real conversation. Please know: this is real. We have to be a vocal part of this conversation. Please share out the link to this petition with what the Media and Communication Studies Department means to you: it is so important that we get this information out and make our voices heard.

Rachel Garfield
3 years ago