Provision of Skywalks for Pedestrians on ORR using Namma Metro Infra in Bengaluru


Provision of Skywalks for Pedestrians on ORR using Namma Metro Infra in Bengaluru

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"No one should have to lose a loved one under the circumstances of crossing a road."

Namma  Metro   in Bengaluru is expanding its coverage . Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) as part of its Expansion in Bengaluru has proposed a new line of 17 kms  from Silk Board to KR Puram under Phase II (A). This network would pass through the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and thus would   provide  convenient access for commuters to  companies and residential areas located on  this stretch. This is the first stretch which is being funded under the corporate funding policy in the country.  The ORR is one of the fastest growing commercial space in India [1].

 The stretch of   ORR  from Hebbal to Silk board  also connects two important National   Highways  viz Bellary road and Chennai road which form part of the Golden Quadrilateral Highway network . Thus this stretch witnesses heavy traffic in Terms  of lorries , multi axle container trucks  in addition to city traffic  as no alternative  road exists for them to bypass Bengaluru, as the proposed Peripheral Ring Road is   still yet to be constructed. It is a challenge for pedestrians to cross this road.

    Namma metro has proposed   that the metro would be built on the median   of ORR and a total of 13 stations would come up on this stretch with interchanges at Silk Board and KR Puram  . The stations would have facilities like stair cases and elevators ; metro  commuters  would be able to  exit the stations to either side of the ORR in a convenient  manner (DPR 4.1.14) [2]. A connecting bridge too would be   provided   for interchange of commuters from one platform to another platform as part of the  facilities to the commuters.  The cost of the project Is envisaged to be  Rs 4200 Crores.

It is pertinent to note that this 18 km stretch of ORR has just one skywalk at RMZ Ecospace for  pedestrians to cross this ever busy stretch.   Pedestrians have a harrowing time to cross the ORR in absence of proper facilities [3].  The lack of facilities has also been acknowledged by   officials and government authorities.

  Many deaths have been   reported and the recent tragic  death of Sanjay in Bellandur was widely reported and  the  proactive approach of  citizens has  culminated in the sanction of a skywalk which would interconnect with the proposed metro [4] .   Similar request for skywalks by the students of   New Horizon College of engineering is also pertinent [5].  BMRCL has proposed to incorporate suitable changes in the design and thus   have a walkway limited to connecting three stations  Kadubeesanahalli, Kodibisanahalli and Bellandur allowing access for pedestrians[6] which is a proactive step for the safety of pedestrians in this area. However,   excepting these three stations there is no plan for providing safe access for pedestrians to cross the ORR at other locations. Also BBMP has not planned  for any skywalks on this stretch of ORR.

  It is pertinent to mention that BBMP has  been proactively working with BMRCL in addressing commuter problems  . BBMP has provided funding of Rs 100 crores for construction of new flyover from Ragi Gudda to Silk Board which is being implemented by BMRCL at a cost of Rs 800 Crore along with Line 5 of Phase II.   Thus vehicular traffic   which was blocked at silk board would now flow Smoothly onto ORR at increased speeds. This would  further put pedestrians at risk on ORR beyond Silkboard.

 The Solution

 The station design and construction of  all metro  stations on the proposed line on ORR  be taken up   in a holistic manner so that non commuter pedestrians too can  access the metro facility to cross the ORR safely at the station location which are 1 km apart. This would thus provide   incentive to citizens    to  safely access public transport and offices on ORR  as a last mile link.

 BBMP can partner with  BMRCL for  construction of skywalks / walkways or any other suitable mechanism  and integrate with the station design  of metro line on ORR thus providing safe access to non commuter pedestrians to cross the ORR. BBMP can pool funds as has been done for flyover from  Ragigudda  to Silkboard.

 Further the system of skywalks and walkways should be integrated with the metro stations in all  future construction of Bengaluru metro  so as to provide easy access for both commuters and pedestrians to cross the arterial roads safely.

I appeal to everyone to sign this petition to impress upon the BBMP, BMRCL and GoK to provide  facility of pedestrian skywalks integrated with the stations in the  ORR line of Bangalore Metro so as to help pedestrians to cross ORR safely  . Further  these facilities should be provided as  a  standard operating procedure across ALL future metro constructions  in  Bangalore . 


"No one should have to lose a loved one under the circumstances of crossing a road."

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Thanking you, 

Your Faithfully,

 Cdr Ganapathi Subramanyam (Retd)

Citizens of Bengaluru

& Other concerned persons



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This petition made change with 1,458 supporters!