University in Tharparker

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More than 16lac people live in Tharparker (District) Sindh. Youth make up the 60pc of this population. Every year students from Tharparker get top position in Entrance examination of different universities. However, major portion of this talented youth is deprived of higer education because of poverty, financial condition and lack of any Higher Education Institution or University in Tharparker. Government needs to change their approach form aid packages to invest in human. We demand from Provincial and Federal Government to establish a  Professional University with subjects ranging from Medical, Engineering, Social sciences and Agricultural Science. 

Illitreacy is the mother of all evils in our society. By providing high class education People of Thar will be self sustained by the time and social fabric of this area will change. Ongoing coal project and other untapped resources of Thar needs skilled and educated youth which is to be done by establishing standard University in Tharparker.

As a responsible memebr of sociey you must sign this petition and let our voice heared.