Revive $14,000 Electric Car Tax Rebate in Canada

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Climate Change is a very real problem that the whole world is facing today. Over the years many solutions have been proposed, one of which is switching from gas powered cars, to electric cars. 

With only 12 years left to turn our situation around, we need to quickly start converting from gas to electronic cars across the world. In 2018, premier Doug Ford killed a $14,000 tax rebate for those who purchase an electric car. The result of this cause a fall off in sales of electric cars.

As of now there is a tax rebate program which will give you a $ 2,500 - $5,000 rebate on a purchase, but this is not nearly as much of an incentive as $14,000 was.

This petition aims to revive the tax rebate that was killed in 2018 to give the population of Canada an incentive to buy clean energy powered cars.

Please sign to push our government in the right direction for saving the environment, and ourselves.