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In 1974 a policy was put into effect that all students that live in a 1.6km radius of the school would not have access to a bus for transportation to or from school. An outdated policy that is now being strictly inforced across our province as of September 2018. 

A lot has changed since 1974. Roads have gotten busier, in many households both parents are working, some households don’t have vechicles and in general, the world has become a scarier place. In many communities that this policy is being inforced, there are no sidewalks, hardly a shoulder of the road (especially during our harsh winters), no crosswalks or crossing guards, wild animals are common and drug paraphernalia has been found. The list of safety concerns can go on and on. Many of these buses are far from full and have plenty of room to pick up these other children and actually has to pass them to get to the school. 

One courtesy stop within the 1.6km radius has been approved which you must apply for. It can be refused and your child can potentially get bumped if another student outside of the radius is in need of that seat, so this “courtesy seating” doesn’t give you much relief as a parent.

It doesn’t matter if you are in rural or urban Newfoundland, ALL children deserve the right to get to and from school safely. School should be a safe place and no parent should have to worry about how their child is going to get to or from school for their education.