Ban the Plastic Straw in Ontario

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Why should the plastic straw be banned you ask?

Firstly, just plastic straws add up to approximately 2000 tonnes of waste in our oceans every year. Thousands upon thousands of tonnes of waste goes into our oceans each year with approximately 80% of that waste being plastic. Plastic straws are also one of the main things found during beach cleanups. I'm also sure you have all heard by now about saving the sea-turtles. Everyday sea-turtles and many other sea creatures must suffer serious issues due to our waste. Many sea creatures every single day end up getting caught or stuck in our plastic waste, getting our plastic waste stuck in certain parts of them or they even end up swallowing it which leads to fatalities of sea creatures.

Secondly, there are easy alternatives to the plastic straw; so it would mean the end of the world if it got banned. There are cheap paper straws that are completely recyclable as well as a bit more of a costly alternative being the metal straw. Metal straws are becoming increasingly popular every single day as they may becoming a new trend.

Lastly, many other places have taken action against the plastic straw. Some examples of places that have completely banned it are many cities in California such as Oakland and Berkeley as well as Seattle and Miami beach. Many restaurants have also implemented paper straws rather then plastic straws, one of the biggest restaurants that have done so is Subway. 

Ontario, it is you're turn to take action against pollution and plastic in our province and ban the plastic straw ASAP.


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