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Better help from our government with mental health

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In 2012 a total of 2.8 million Canadians aged 15 and older 10.1%, reported symptoms consistent with at least one mental health issue or more .

After witnessing friends and relatives face tragedy mentally and physically as they become addicted to there prescription drugs, their mental health issues never getting any better; I now want to help those who the government wants to hide and tell our citizens that things are doing great when in actual fact, they are not.

1/5 people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness in any given year

70% of adults living with a mental health problem or illness say their symptoms started in childhood.

60% of people with a mental health problem or illness won’t seek help for fear of being labeled.

500,000 Canadians, in any given week, are unable to work due to mental health problems or illnesses.

1/3 workplace disability claims are related to mental health problems or illnesses.

Government paid treatments for mental health is not always enough for those with major mental health issues. Many people fall through the cracks and feel like the government doesn´t care about there issues.

Our government is willing to give you a prescription for ¨pills¨ [drugs] with out questions but therapy is a different story. Some of those people who got prescription pills and things got a lot worse for them because the doctors felt like there was no options other then pills.

I have set out to explore the goals of pharmaceutical companies, doctors and therapist in Canada. I think this should be a main part of all government paid healthcare. This way that we can have more people working in our communities

Some of the people who were put on prescription ¨pills¨ [drugs] got a lot sicker. These medications that were designed to help their mental state, but it got that much worse. If you are prescribed the wrong ¨medications¨ [drugs] for long periods of time, the side effects are dangerous to peoples bodies.

Our government says that those ¨medications" [drugs] are enough to help us in the meantime but its not. It is not helping people in the right ways, it is a crutch - or a bandaid. Just like a cut doesn´t always heal if under a band aid, after major break in the skin it needs the air to help it heal!

I ask: What is the difference between back-alley drug-pushers and some pill pushing doctors since they cant help their clients and get them the therapy . The clients want to have relief but there pushed in to a pill which causes them to suppress there issues not deal with them, you never heal form taking pills, its a crunch until you can deal with the issues.

I feel like these Prescriptions need to have more regulation and follow up with a trained Therapist not general practice Doctor .

Since our doctors Cant help us in the way we need. They pull out the pad and write a prescription. One issue after another caused by the pills the Client to get sicker and sicker.

When in the begging therapy would have helped from them!

From the being all the doctors said that therapy will help there clients but since the clients cant afford The cost for private counseling or therapy it can range from $50 to $240 (Edmonton is $180/hr) for a one-hour session in Canada.

How does middle and lower classes afford this?

Sources (Including Prescription pills) (Documentary Perception thugs )

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