Fair Tax Reform for Saint John, New Brunswick

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$45M in industrial taxes is generated by Saint John and we receive only $17M back from the Province. We want 100%.

Saint John is an economic driver for New Brunswick and needs fair tax reform to survive and thrive. We demand our fair share of industrial taxes. Growing Saint John will grow New Brunswick, thus everyone from 'all' NB municipalities should support this.

Our mayor has pointed out that having a fair take of our industrial taxes (like other provinces across Canada receive) will fix our budget issues. Saint John has been left to cut more services and fight among ourselves when the real issue is one of fairness. Allowing Saint John to grow will grow New Brunswick.

• I'm not a politician. Just a Saint Johner tired of being held back by the Province.

• This is not an Irving petition. This has nothing to do with what industry pays. This is about Saint John receiving their fair share of the industry taxes paid today.

• This is not a "favorite services" petition. All of our services are essential, especially to those struggling to make ends meet. It's not fair that our communities are suffering.

• This is not a union petition. Everyone deserves a raise. If we had a fair take of taxes we could grow Saint John and improve quality of life for everyone.

• This is not a council and City staff free pass petition. Changes are required to become more fiscally responsible. What has not been done in the past will not shape our future. Stand with our Mayor.

• This petition should have 120,000 signatures at minimum. If you don't support you can't complain about losing services.

• Support by signing and sharing widely, daily.

Update: We're over the 1,000 mark! Let's grow Saint John and New Brunswick!

Update: Great job Everyone! We've been featured in the Telegraph Journal. "Mayor throws support behind tax reform petition". https://tj.news/story/101085142 Join the conversation for a stronger Saint John 'and' stronger New Brunswick! #SJBuildsNB #DemandBetterSJ