Change in DOT standards for motorcycle helmets for on road use

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Motorcycle users depend on helmets to save their lives in accidents. By law (in Alberta), motorcycle riders need to wear a DOT (Department of Transportation, a United States standard) certified helmets to ride on provincial roads. When motorcycle users buy DOT helmets, they assume they have a certain level of protection.

Due to studies conducted, DOT standards currently are non-regulated. While the DOT standards were introduced as an initial requirement for protection, they are not being regulated or advanced. DOT requires companies to test the products they put out; they do not conduct tests on their own. The motorcyclists needs have evolved and the standards have not. Its not a question of only reliability but a question of evolution. 

The Snell foundation is a non-profit organization that will do testing and certify brands, makes and models of helmets to ensure that they protect as they say they will. This petition is to ensure the correction of provincial laws to save people from becoming brain dead or die just because the current motorcycle regulations say that its safe.

While the Snell foundation is not the only motorcycle helmet certification non-profit, it is important that regulations be changed to help protect people. Evolution of designs and regulations are pivotal.

Please review the following links to ensure these facts. It's enough that people are killed on the roads in accidents; we don't need more responsible motorcyclists to die or become a burden on the people involved in an accident. Save a friend and improve standards.