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Canadian buskers need their freedom of expression. Protect our rights!

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My name is Nathaniel Postma. I was born in Vancouver, BC. Raised mostly in the beautiful neighborhoods of North Delta. I went to highschool in North Delta. Since the age of 14, I have picked up the guitar. I've been singing from a very young age. I went to church, where I joined fine arts camp, the church band, and controlled the sound system. I've performed for many of you, was a contestant on Canadian Idol, on The Province news paper...

I am a busker. Yes, I sing and play guitar for money. I frequent the superstore on Scott Road and 82nd avenue. Up until now, I haven't had a problem. People appreciate the music that I bring to them. And I should add that live music is important to the community. Any form of art is important to the community. It feeds the soul. It broadens the horizons for young people. Study's have shown that music increases intellectual capacity. It helps to strengthen memory. 

Withoutlive music in the concrete jungle that we have created for ourselves, life becomes dull. People become more and more wrapped up in the negative. People become less social. It doesn't hurt to slow down once in a while. 

Management at certain large corporations such as superstore have decided that I am no longer welcome to perform there. With no complaints for 3 months, suddenly I'm told that there have been complaints. 

Something needs to be changed. Buskers should have more rights. Bring in a buskers program for grocery stores. Where auditions are held, licenses are required. Bring culture to our local grocery stores. Bring happiness to a place where life is both expensive, and a sometimes exhausting and tedious part of life. Tell superstore that they need to embrace the art of busking. Without buskers what do we have? Pan handlers. Beggars. Sometimes dangerous street people. 

Please sign this petition and bring it to the attention of Loblaws, Sobeys, MP's, law makers, even the prime minister. Protect the rights to freedom of expression. Protect the rights of hard working, talented individuals. We are tired of being treated like lower class citizens. We are tired of being treated like the common pests of society. Some of us rely on our art to survive. 

Further discrimination and oppression of buskers means the homeless population will grow. It means putting individuals on the streets, or allowing them, or even their families to starve. 


Nathaniel Postma

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