Golf as an "Essential" service in the Province of Ontario during COVID-19

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Dear Reader

As the weather changes this spring and the typical golf season approaches for thousands of players and golf related support employees alike the current status (of golf) during the declared and extended state of emergency in the province of Ontario has been deemed and remains “non essential”.

With no indication of how long this status may continue this undoubtedly will put considerable and perhaps insurmountable strain on many if not all the clubs in the province. The recent extension of the declaration of the provincial emergency leads most to believe that the golf industry will remain at a stand still into at least the middle of May.

The intent of this petition is to lobby the provincial government led by Mr. Ford to re-consider its current position on golf, moving forward, as an essential service.

Golf in and of itself is a sport that encourages distancing measures. The consensus with most in the industry is that with a variety of increased safety measures used solely and in conjunction with each other that golf can be played with little chance of contributing negatively to the effects of the spread of COVID-19.

The golf industry provides thousands of jobs in the province and for many private workers and owners represents their livelihood. For players, the sport now more than ever, would provide a much-needed safe recreational opportunity.

“Golf” would appreciate the reconsideration of its status by the provincial government.


Joe McCreight