Stay on Daylight Saving Time all year long.

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Twice a year, in Nova Scotia and in most parts of Canada, Canadians join with approximately 76 other countries around the world and practice Daylight Saving Time (DST).

We would like to stop this practice and remain on one time all year long. Preferably staying on DST all year long

 To remain on DST it was suggested to have at least 30,000 on the petition. 

The primary goal of Daylight Saving Time is to conserve energy but whether DST actually saves energy is unclear and there are many contradictory studies. There are, however, even more studies that tell us that the change itself can cause accidents, injuries and even deaths.  Many of these issues are related to sleep pattern change that the biennial shift mandates.

The link between heart attacks and the spring time shift to DST has been well documented and the evidence is convincing. The best known study comes from Sweden where researchers found a 5 percent increase in heart attacks in the three days following the spring time shift. A lower percentage increase was found during the fall back shift. The suspected cause of the increases is the disruption of sleep patterns and biological rhythms. 

Moving clocks forward and backward every year in an ever increasing complex digital world is not without consequences either. Air traffic schedules, train schedules, public transport schedules all must be changed biennially. It complicates timekeeping, disrupts meetings and even livestock have been shown to have trouble adjusting to new routines.

Moving the hours around twice a year is a complex matter. Although it was originally brought forward by Benjamin Franklin as a way to conserve energy and that remains its primary purpose to this day, there is in fact no consistent evidence to show it is helping us. There is on the other hand, plenty of evidence to show that constantly shifting back and forth does harm.