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The Peachland Water Protection Alliance (PWPA) thanks you for supporting our Petition.  We received almost 800 signatures.  Such support is a clear indication that our community values safe drinking water for families and friends and, indeed, our community as a whole.  As one supporter put it:

"The forest and our wildlife don't get their water from taps. So the multi-million dollar water treatment plant cannot do anything for the ecosystem. It can't stop tailings and toxins from the mining process from escaping into the water and environment. A healthy watershed = a healthy ecosystem". 

We will now forward our Petition to the Provincial Government Minister responsible for this file, the Hon. Bruce Ralston.

The fight to Save Our Watershed is not over.  

In addition to the negative impacts of mining, clear-cut logging has even more negative effects on our environment.  It is well documented that clear-cut logging is destructive to water, soil, wildlife, and the atmosphere.  Clear-cut logging has a significant impact on our water cycle. Trees hold water and topsoil keeping our watersheds safe from flooding and safe for drinking water. 

The Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance will continue its dedication to ecosystem research and education.  Furthermore, the PWPA encourages all commercial and industrial undertakings to adapt to site sensitive, ecologically based forestry practices in the public forests located in Peachland’s watersheds.

We do not want any Brenda Mines dam breach like the Mount Polley Dam breach.  

If you would like to join the PWPA, please contact Jack Gerow at  He will assist in answering any PWPA question that you may have regarding membership participation.    

Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance
1 year ago