Make "Sarlacc Pit" the official name of this newly discovered cave

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A cave of "national significance" has been discovered in Canada's Wells Gray Provincial Park near Clearwater, British Columbia. It is a massive cave which opening is 100 metres long by 60 metres wide. It has a 60+ metre waterfall but the cave's line-of-sight to the bottom is a staggering 183 metres! We still don't know how much farther it goes, although initial estimates indicate it may be over 2 kilometres long.

A biologist with the ministry, Bevan Ernst, dubbed it the “Sarlacc Pit” and is currently an unofficial and temporary name for the cave. The Province will be working with First Nations to determine whether there is an Indigenous name for it. That said, we believe "Sarlacc Pit" will be an apt additional name (or official name if there is no Indigenous name) that will draw significant attention to this cave and Wells Gray Provincial Park in general. We want the Sarlacc Pit to be a part of British Columbia geography!

More details from Canadian Geographic: