Demand A Full Forensic Audit of Hillview Park Condo Disaster

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In May 2016, our homes in the Hillview condominium complex of Fort McMurray were completely destroyed by wildfire. It’s been almost three years, and 214 families are no closer to moving home. Our construction site is a wasteland, our properties are mired in liens and special assessments, many homeowners have already lost their homes and declared bankruptcy, and no one in the provincial government will help. We want to know WHY we have lost our homes, our life savings and our financial futures. We want to know WHY our condominium corporation is on the brink of bankruptcy. We want to know WHY $77 million in insurance funds was not enough to rebuild our homes, and where that money went. PLEASE support us by signing this petition demanded a FULL forensic audit of our rebuild. Help us hold those responsible accountable for what has happened and prevent this disaster from happening to any other condo owners in Alberta.