COVID-19:Provide Work From Home to all employees before it's too LATE. Health is important

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As we all are aware about the outbreak of covid-19 all around the world and the lives it has already claimed and still unfolding in front of our eyes. We have witnessed China, Italy, S-Korea, Spain, Germany, France, USA taking the most hit due to the spread of covid-19 coronavirus. INDIA is also one of them where we have started seeing cases multiply rapidly, already claiming 2 deaths in Karnataka, India and as I write this we have 97 confirmed cases. Govts are taking strict actions and trying hard to contain the virus by halting the large crowded activities, closing places like schools/colleges, malls, swimming pools, theatres etc. After all this, there are few major IT companies and other firms who are still deciding on whether to provide work from home to their employees. Take in mind Tech Parks are one of the busiest places in Bengaluru with a lot of human interaction 24/7. These employees have Old aged parents (who are most vulnerable to the Virus), Kids and Friends. Most of them can have existing serious medical conditions as well which is very bad if combined with the covid-19 infection. If we do not isolate ourselves now, it will be too late once the outbreak is uncontrollable. Its about buying time. If we slow down the frequency at which the infection is spreading, we shall have enough resources and medical staff to serve the existing patients and prepare for the new cases. I request all who read this petition to sign it if you care about your loved ones and yourself. Stay Healthy and let others be healthy.