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Petitioning City of Kelowna Walter Grey, Mayor

Provide Safe Sidewalks surrounding Anne McClymont Elementary by 2014

The City of Kelowna will not be upgrading Dehart Road to Vintage Terrace until 2025, under their current 20 Year Servicing Plan. Governmental funds cannot be used for interim measures such as temporary sidewalks.

Anne McClymont, established in 1929, is the last school in the City of Kelowna to have formalized sidewalks. The unsafe conditions including incomplete sidewalks in a high traffic zone with heavy truck traffic and inadequate parking and drop off zones make this situation libelous to wait until 2025 to resolve.

Currently 5 to 12 year old children are not able to walk independently to and from their school or neighbouring schools due to the unsafe walking routes. As a result, parents are forced to drive their children short distances to school, which further impacts the parking and traffic congestion.

It is the obligation of the City of Kelowna to rectify this unacceptable and potentially critically dangerous situation before one of our children is seriously harmed.

This unsafe condition needs to be permanently addressed in 2014 in conjunction with the City completing the Lakeshore Design Plan.

Letter to
City of Kelowna Walter Grey, Mayor
The community surrounding Anne McClymont Elementary School are increasingly concerned for the safety of our children due to the lack of sufficient sidewalks within the AME School Zone.

The 30 km speed limit exists to protect children walking to & from school within the zoned area. However there is no safe walkway for the children to use and it is our submission that as a minimum pedestrian sidewalks should be provided throughout the entire school zone.

The primary areas of sidewalk safety concerns are as follows:
• There are no formalized sidewalks on either side of Lakeshore Road within AME school zone between Sherwood Road and AME main school, Sherwood Road and Eldorado Road primary school, and AME main school and McClure Road. The area consists of the Lakeshore traffic road & segregated bike path, leaving a dirt shoulder/ditch for pedestrian traffic. Often there are cars parked in this stretch of road, leaving the children to walk out into a high traffic area or in the ditch to avoid the parked cars.
• Existing school zone sidewalks in front of both main & primary schools are on the same grade as the Lakeshore & Eldorado Road and lack distinct segregation from vehicle parking. The result is motorists are often parking on the sidewalks as well as driving close to small children walking on the path to park their cars.
• Significant traffic to and from Upper Mission moves through this school zone through out the day particularly during school drop off and pick up times. Traffic consistently starts to speed up right after passing AME School before the school zone ends. The area in which the traffic speeds up in is the same area in which there are no existing sidewalks.

Additional areas of concern are as follows:
• Insufficient school parking forces cars to park where it makes it unsafe for pedestrians to walk.
• Parents are forced to drive their children short distances to school, which further impacts the parking and traffic congestion.

The changes proposed below would ensure a safe environment surrounding this Elementary school that is situated in a high traffic zone:
• Designated pedestrian sidewalks on both side of Lakeshore Road spanning the entire school zone area from Dehart Road to Vintage Terrace.
• All school zone sidewalks at a higher grade than Lakeshore Road and Eldorado Road.
• Clear separation of sidewalks from all street parking & bike path areas.
• Patrolled sidewalk infrastructure upgraded to better support 500+ students using the crossing area to come and go to school (i.e. Cross walk waiting zone enlarged, clear pedestrian area defined, optimized crosswalk flow)
• Speed Bumps installed at beginning and end of AME Lakeshore School Zone
• Review existing AME parking design & drop off area and determine if it is sufficient for the number of children dropped off and picked up at the school.

We trust that you will take urgent action to address this unsafe condition and ensure the safety of all children going to and from Anne McClymont Elementary School.

We look forward to reviewing your immediate action plan.

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