Provide Priority of Service Protections for Healthcare Workers

Provide Priority of Service Protections for Healthcare Workers

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Lorna M. Johnson
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My name is Lorna M. Johnson. I am a nurse midwife and healthcare executive. I have heard concerns from friends in the industry and experts for years about the deadly threat of an invisible infectious disease with the potential to disrupt our whole lives. COVID-19 has attacked the globe with microbes, not missiles. In this war, on the front-lines defending our citizens are first responders, nurses, doctors and healthcare workers.  These brave soldiers are fighting, putting their lives on the line daily, to protect the health of our loved ones. WE must protect them.
These essential workers MUST be equipped with all of the tools, the resources and support necessary for them to do their jobs. We are asking that our mayors, governors and members of Congress act immediately to craft legislation providing priority protection for these heroes.

Healthcare workers should receive priority of service consideration for daily living activities during the time of crisis, similar to active and veteran military members. We hope our efforts inspire other countries to join us on this mission.

The terms that we would like to see in legislation to protect our healthcare workers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mandatory PPE supplies for all healthcare workers
  • Healthcare workers should receive hazard pay and paid leave to alleviate burnout
  • Therapy and/or grief counseling for all healthcare workers
  • Transportation priority and consideration should be given to healthcare workers, including free or reduced parking rates, commuter lanes and public transit
  • Better coverage options for their health 
  • Mandatory COVID-19 testing for all healthcare workers 
  • Transparent check-in systems to protect healthcare workers from exposed peers and patients
  • Childcare should be provided for on-duty healthcare workers
  • National honors, recognitions and awards created for healthcare workers in appreciation of healthcare workers that go beyond the call of duty.

Please call your local representative and encourage them to join the fight to pass legislation. If you agree that we should protect our healthcare workers, please sign the petition.