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Provide Low-Income High School Students with Free Transportation to School

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Students in low income households often don’t have funds to pay for public transportation to get to school, resulting in missed days, lower performance and ultimately higher dropout rates.

  • In 2015, the CPS Dropout Rate for Economically Disadvantaged Students was 34.1%. 
  • In 77 of the city’s roughly 680 public schools, at least 99 percent of the students qualify as poor or low­-income. The share tops 90 percent in another 388 schools. 
  • In only 50 schools do less than half of students qualify as low­-income. 

We are proposing that students from low income households who are eligible for subsidized lunches should additionally be eligible to receive free transportation to/from school. Increased access to transportation translates to higher attendance. Higher attendance translates to:

  • Higher revenue for CPS schools
  • Higher graduation rates 
  • More post­graduate opportunities 
  • Lower spending on juvenile justice 

There is also a substantial savings potential: 

With a student pool size of 116,652 students in the subsidized lunch program: 

  • Approximated cost of subsidized busing: $27,296,568
  • Approx. Funding for CPS: $116,535,348 
  • Total Increase in Revenue Potential for CPS = ​$89,238,270

This goes beyond students and their families. There's a larger cost to society when students don’t go to school:

  • Male High School Dropouts are 47 times more likely to be incarcerated than their peers of a similar age who graduate from college. 
  • Cook County accounted for a disproportionately large number of juvenile arrests, 64 percent, despite the fact that Cook accounts for only 39 percent of the youth population in Illinois. 
  • From 2013­ - 2014 there were 39, 279 juvenile arrests in Chicago. 
  • In 2013, 53.2% of arrests were for youth under 16. 

The results are proven, via the 2012 Mayor Emanuel CTA Free Fare Pilot Program which looked at a sample of 500 students 100 students per school. Students & Parents signed Transportation Incentive Program(T.I.P) contract. 

Program results:

  • 5% increase in attendance rates among T.I.P. students
  • Estimated 9 more instructional days for T.I.P. students
  • Increased Annual Revenue to CPS per T.I.P. student: $999 

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