Provide Life time Nappy vouchers for children with cerebral palsy in Thulani Snake-Park.

Provide Life time Nappy vouchers for children with cerebral palsy in Thulani Snake-Park.

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Started by Thoko Mntambo


Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. It is caused by abnormal brain development which affects the person's ability to maintain their muscles.

In Thulani Snake-Park Soweto, they are more than 20 children born with cerebral palsy every year, This is because their community is surrounded by a Toxic tailing mining dump that contains radioactive chemicals like radon gas. If a pregnant woman is exposed to radiation it flows into her bloodstream and exposes her fetus to radiation. When they breathe in radioactive materials causes them to give birth to children with mental deformities, cerebral palsy, and including miscarriages.

This community is one of the marginalized communities with many children who are born with cerebral Palsy, Their parents are unemployed and can't access proper health care and education for their children. Mostly low-income Black women who have kids with this condition have stress and depression, this situation forces them to stay indoors and take care of their kids. They can't even take them to school for children with disabilities because most of these institutions don't admit a child who wears a Nappy. 

Since the covid-19 lockdown and Ukraine and Russian war prices have been skyrocketing, For instance, Kimberly -Clark in South Africa owns nappy and toilet paper brands. Says price increase will continue this year 2023 as pulp and sea freight costs weigh on the business. The company expects inflation across all categories of the products it makes to breach 10%, from a current average of 6% to 8%. This shows that the cost of living is too high for parents who have kids with disabilities Diapers are very expensive.

The minister of Social development must provide free nappy vouchers (diapers) to parents who have kids with cerebral palsy. The care dependency grant they receive from the government is not enough for them to make a decent living for their children. 

If you sign this petition you will be giving children with cerebral palsy a chance to live a dignified and happy life like their peers. Caring for a child with disabilities affects a parent's freedom and independence support me with this petition for these families to get financial stability.

Your signature will help fight for the rights of children with disabilities. Remember all children deserve to live a whole fulfilling life irrespective of their circumstances.




20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!