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Provide justice for Bryson Woods & enforce zero tolerance for bullying. Joseph E. Shafer Middle School, Gallatin, Tennessee / Sumner County Schools.

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EVERY STUDENT HAS A RIGHT TO A PUBLIC EDUCATION WITHOUT FEAR. Here is Bryson's story. . . Boy is bullied, assaulted and injured at school for the second time. School officials do nothing about it.
That is until the parents of the bullied 13 year old called and filed a police report. This is the second police report they have filed on behalf of their son Bryson who is 13 years old and who has been a victim of bullying and assault during this school year. Bryson was assaulted in November at Rucker Stewart Middle School in Gallatin, Tennessee when four students ganged up on Bryson in the locker room holding him by the neck, and beating Bryson with a leather belt. Bryson suffered bruises to his back, buttocks, hips and neck in the attack. Bryson called home crying, and school officials asked Mike Woods, Bryson’s father, if he wanted to send Bryson back to class or take him home. Mr. Woods took Bryson home, and then he and his wife Kim, went to the police to file charges against the four boys. Only one boy was charged in this case and he was sentenced to six years of probation. Nothing ever happened to the other three boys that were in on the attack. Mr. and Mrs. Woods removed their son and his brother from Rucker Steward Middle school and had their boy’s attend Joe Shafer Middle School in Gallatin, Tennessee, thinking the bullying would end. Bryson confided in his mother this past week that he was being bullied yet again in his new school. Bryson’s pencils, papers were being stolen, and he was being cursed at by three bullies. Today Bryson was assaulted and injured by one of the three boys that have been bullying him. He was chased and hit in the head from behind. He was hit so hard in the head that Bryson began bleeding from his nose and mouth. Bryson was sent to the school nurse, when the school nurse informed Bryson to call his parents and tell them that he fell. When Bryson’s mom questioned him further, Bryson told his mother the bully ran up behind him and hit him in the back of the head so hard he was bleeding from his nose and mouth and he fell down. Mike Woods went to the school to pick up Bryson and talk to the principal. The principal was too busy to talk with Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods then talked with the nurse, when asked about what happened, the nurse told him that Bryson fell. Mr. Woods then told the school nurse that was not what Bryson had told his wife, the nurse then said, “That she wasn’t going to tell him that.” That he was hit by another student that resulted in his injuries. Bryson was taken home and then taken to his doctor for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Woods called the police and filed yet another report of assault against their son while he was in school. Why is Sumner County Schools ignoring its bullying problem? Why are our children not safe in our schools? Why are school officials not taking this seriously? Why does Bryson have to suffer so much and live in fear just to get an education? You can contact Bryson’s parents Mike and Kim Woods at  Email -

It's assault pure and simple.
We as adults can not hit anyone, these kids who think they can hit another need to be handed over to the justice system, as this one is going to be.
But the schools should not ignore this unlawful assault on their property. We need your signature to send a strong worldwide message to Sumner County Schools that bullying is unacceptable, and its unacceptable in any school.

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