Brisbane’s skateboard facilities are dated, inconsistent with national and international skate facilities, and are poorly maintained, therefore do not meet skater’s needs. To address this issue, Brisbane City Council needs to develop, adopt and implement a skate facility strategy to guide planning, development, maintenance and programming of their skate facilities.

Without such a strategy, skate facility planning, development, and maintenance is done in a reactive, ad hoc basis, not proactive. With a strategy in place, when council are developing their five year capital works budget they can allocate the required funding for skate facility development and maintenance.

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Letter to
Councilor Krista Adams
Lord Mayor Graham Quirk
I urge Brisbane City Council to prepare, adopt and implement a skate facility strategy, with involvement from the Brisbane skateboarding community, so skate facilities are delivered in coordinated and proactive way.

Brisbane City Council does not have a policy and strategy to guide planning, development and maintenance of their skate facilities. Consequently, Brisbane’s skate facilities have been delivered in an ad hoc, uncoordinated, and reactive manner, leaving the city with an incomplete facility network. Specifically, issues associated with Brisbane’s skate facility network include:

• lack diversity of styles and elements;
• dated in design;
• lack ongoing maintenance and improvements;
• incomplete distribution of facilities;
• do not cater for advanced users – majority are for beginner and intermediate users;
• lack a contemporary, high quality, regional scale facility in Brisbane, for state, national and international skateboard competitions and demonstrations;
• a deficiency in the total area required to service the number of regular skateboarders (not to mention the growing number of BMX riders and more recently scooter riders);
• lack of support infrastructure and amenities, such as seating, shade structures, water bubblers, and public toilets; and
• generally poorly located, and segregated from complimentary uses.

Furthermore, a strategic plan is crucial for allocating funding in Council’s capital works budget for the provision of high quality and well maintained skate facilities. Because BCC has not adopted a strategy, planning, development and maintenance of skate facilities has been in response to public demand or maintenance issues. The Inala Bowl drainage issue, brought to Council’s attention by Mr Mackenzie via a petition, which generated 450 signatures, illustrates this point. As council have not accounted for skate facility maintenance in their budget, the Inala Bowl drainage issue was not resolved in a timely manner. Consequently, not only is this community facility unusable, it is also a public safety and a potential liability issue.

Skateboarding and other wheeled recreation activities are popular among children and young people. Significantly, in 2012, over 50 per cent of children and young people aged five to 14 years had participated in skateboarding, rollerblading or riding a scooter. Moreover, this proportion increased by five per cent since 2009. With a high proportion of children and young people participation in skateboarding, rollerblading or scooter riding (not to mention freestyle BMX, and those aged 15 years and above), and increasing participation rates, planning, development and maintenance of skate facilities should be given greater consideration.

Finally, because Brisbane’s skate facilities are generally poor quality, they are not consistent with one of Council’s Our Shared Vision objectives – ‘Brisbane has high quality facilities…’, coordinated improvement of the skate facility network will therefore be required to achieve this objective.

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