Take strict action against biased & communal news published by Tripurainfoway.com

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This petition has been created with an aim to stop the senseless and cheap journalism adopted by one news website named Tripurainfoway.com and who has been repeatedly and fearlessly posting biased stories on their website thereby inciting deep resentment, hatred and ill feelings among the indigenous population of the state of Tripura.

Off late we have seen several such instances of spreading fake news by them without their own independent investigation. At times its news also reek of an anti-tiprasa, anti-indigenous & having biased communal feelings .Also the use of language by this news portal is highly objectionable and utterly disgusting to say the least who at times have compared  an fellow Indian citizen with an ape/monkey and referred them so mockingly, also at times it has also referred its own indigenous brothers as Jungli's despite of them having full rights to hold any demonstrations or protests in this democratic set up of our country . How pathetic and low class. The kind of slangs and derogatory words openly used at times like hanging dick etc can  only be expected from a news portal like Tripurainfoway whose journalism has been reportedly found to be so cheap and substandard by many of its readers especially belonging to the indigenous ST population of the state and surely they have mastered the art of sensationalism.