Everybunny Against Rabbits as Props

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A rabbit is a pet like no-other. Cleaner and more affectionate than a cat, while less demanding than a dog, a rabbit makes an exceptional pet to a responsible caretaker. In the past, rabbits were used almost-exclusively as  products for meat and experimental testing. Now, rabbits have made for themselves a beloved place in our homes. 

Recently, a company has made waves in the rabbit community in a very negative way. We are asking @portraitsimple_photo to put an end to their tradition of using bunnies as props, and here is why: 

1. Rabbits Are NOT For Children. 

While bunnies can make a loving addition to any home, they are actually very complicated animals. Unlike dogs or cats, rabbits are prey animals. This does not make them ideal pets to be handled by children, with few exceptions under close supervision. 

2. Using Bunnies as Easter Props Perpetuates Dangerous Stereotypes. 

Seeing children holding bunnies perpetuates the idea that they are an easy "starter" pet for a child. Every Easter season, rabbits are purchased at increasing rates. However, upon realizing the cost and responsibility of owning a bunny, many families end up "rehoming," dumping, or surrendering rabbits. 

3. "Rehoming" a Rabbit is Misleading. 

When rabbits are "rehomed" via craigslist -or, as @portraitsimple_photo claims, via interview- all control is lost regarding the wellbeing of the animal. All bets are off. People use craigslist to purchase rabbits to feed to snakes. People purchase rabbits for their children without comprehending the magnitude of the responsibility. People surrender rabbits out of inconvenience at the expense of the animal's wellbeing. Rabbits are mistreated and neglected. 

4. Bunnies do NOT belong in Cages. 

We do not blame @portraitsimple_photo employees for not recognizing this fact. Most people are not aware of the benefits of free-roaming rabbits, nor the harms of caging rabbits. We all had to learn at some point, and most of us have made these mistakes. Importantly: wire-bottom cages damage a rabbit's feet. Rabbits can and will develop arthritis if not exercised for an average of 6-8 hours per day, outside of the confines of a small cage. Additionally, rabbits are easily litter trained; houses easily bunny-proofed. 

5. Rabbits NEED Hay. AND Water. 

Photos posted of @portraitsimple_photo have revealed that the rabbits hosted in these studios are kept without access to hay. Feeding a rabbit pellets exclusively can damage their guts. This is a little-known fact with a very easy fix. Additionally, water should ideally be fed from a bowl to prevent dehydration. A bottle can easily become contaminated with bacteria that will make a bunny sick. 

6. Live Rabbits are NOT Necessary as Props. 

In fact, if you insist on including a rabbit in your child's portraits (see point #2 first), any professional photographer can easily photoshop a rabbit (or any easter prop) into a photo. But really, why include an animal in your family photo that doesn't belong to you? If having a bunny in your photos is important to you, perhaps a better alternative might be to include your own. The stipulation is that before adopting a bunny, you should do your research... and perhaps wait until well-after Easter, when your future-bunny will inevitably need a new home. 

For more information on rabbit-care, see: 




Or, see a shelter near you! 

Our mission is to encourage Portrait Simple to discontinue the use of Bunnies as props. Please join the rabbit community in our efforts to create a world that is kinder to our beloved pets.