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Protestaktion gegen Pro 7 TV zum Pelz tragen und Delfinschwimmen in der Sendung " Germany`s next Topmodel"

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Bagatellisierung von Pelzträgern und Pelzfarmen, Delfinschwimmen der Models sowie schädigender Einfluß auf Jugendliche durch Verharmlosung der Nichtaufnahme von Nahrungsmitteln !

Reiseveranstalter bewerben das Todes-Delfinarium Dolphin Bay in Dubai: Thomas Cook mit Öger Tours, Neckermann und Bucher Reisen. DER Touristik (Rewe Group) überprüft z.Zt. ihre Werbung (TS, Dertour, Jahn Reisen, Tjaereborg und Meier’s Weltreisen). FTI Touristik, TUI und Schauinsland Reisen haben ihre Werbung nach den ersten Protesten entfernt.

Opinion on wearing of fur and

Opinion on swimming with dolphins in a dolphinarium

In the tv show Germany's next top model !

Trivialisation of Fur and Trivialisation of Anorexia !

People who wear fur, carry the death !

Porter de la fourrure, cèst Porter la mort 


English translation: 

Statement on wearing fur and the models´ dolphin swimming in the show "Germany's Next Top Model"!
ProSieben is participating in the trivialization of fur and fur farms and makers of the non-educational influence on youth by playing down the starvation of models. That the TV-Transmitter is indirectly involved in animal cruelty of the models swimming with dolphins, is also a scandal.

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The paper „Gala“ writes referring the dolphin-swimming on the models in Dubai:

The sea mammals are kept in basins under appalling conditions. There have been repeated to death, so also in the Dolphinarium in Dubai. Due to a lack of sun protection, the animals literally burn and are usually pitch black. Dolphins in captivity swim mostly on the surface, because they are fed there.
Here´s the video of Pro7 showing the dolphin-swimming of the Models:

Trivialisation of Fur 
People who wear fur, carry the death !
Shoking Video of Fur

Porter de la fourrure, cèst Porter la mort

Information of Dolphinarium`s :

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