August 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amilia Schmoker

Sexual assault happens too often 

Ppl think they can get away with it, why is this? 

Everyone wonders why sex offenders get off the hook but the thing is that there’s no hook to begin with. 

There is little to no consequences for offenders and not enough serious investigation when sexual assault claims come out. 

This means people who are falsely accused get in trouble and people who are rightfully accused don’t get enough punishment. 

It is not ok. 

If you are a sex offender, no matter how serious, you should get a minimum of 5 years of being a registered sex offender not 2. 

The punishment should fit the crime. 

These laws and regulations need to change. 

It’s almost like we protect the sex offenders just because what? They are mentally ill? Ok get them real help. If I committed a homicidal crime I would get time in prison as well as mental health evaluations and help. The same should go for sex offenders. 

Yes Washington holds sex offenders more accountable than other states do but it’s still not enough. And it’s not just Washington state ide like to protest, it’s the whole country. If you rape someone you should get at least 20 years in prison not 1. There is many many more flaws in the justice system that I could go on about that is not ok when it comes to sexual assault. 

this petition is to show the state that everyone would like change to be made. There needs to be more stricter laws that hold offenders actually accountable for their actions. 

if you have any suggestions or questions please dm Cutehamstersreal on Instagram for more information. 

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Signatures: 76Next Goal: 100
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