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Protest against Nina Paley’s outright denigration of The Ramayan

Nina Paley, an American Cartoonist, is the creator of the animated film ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ which is available for free viewing on the internet. A devout person cannot begin to imagine what Nina Paley has conjured up and graphically crystallised in this film wherein Lord Ram often kicks Sita…. and walks on her pregnant stomach…. These are only two of the many painful images one must endure. The only reason for watching this absurd film is to make people aware of what a completely false representation this film is of the Ramayan and how it nosedives into taking the issue of denigration to an unbelievably low level.
She states that this story is based on the Ramayan of Rushi Valmiki. But what she has done is take the ingredients of the epic story and give it a meaning which is completely opposite to the spiritual truths that the scripture conveys. Unfortunately, this film is being recommended on various parenting websites, for children to watch. Those who are unfamiliar with this Holy Scripture are going to accept this inane version as being the truth !

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