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Protest against Media blackout of Ashura and Arbaeen

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It's noticed in last few years that the mainstream media’s constant sensationalized reporting on terror and Muslims in the Western world, but a "media blackout" prevented people from hearing about most spiritual and anti tyranny march of Ashura and Arbaeen. Millions of Muslims took part in a mass pilgrimage for Ashura and Arbaeen, in spite of Islamic State presence in nearby areas.

If a few hundred anti-immigration or anti-Trump protesters take to the streets, they will make headlines.. The same level of airtime is awarded to a pro-democracy march in Hong Kong or an anti-Putin rally in Russia.. But a gathering of twenty million in obstreperous defiance of terror and injustice somehow fails even to make it into the TV news ticker! An unofficial media embargo is imposed on the gargantuan event despite the story having all the critical elements of an eye-catching feature; the staggering numbers, the political significance, the revolutionary message, the tense backdrop, as well as originality.

We strongly protest against this behavior of mainstream media and demand the complete coverage of the Ashura and Arbaeen events this year, which will be fall on 1st October and 9th November 2017.

Husayn, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, is revered by Muslims as the “Prince of Martyrs”. He was killed in Karbala on a day which became known as Ashura, the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, having refused to pledge allegiance to the corrupt and tyrannical caliph, Yazid.

He and his family and companions were surrounded in the desert by an army of 30,000, starved of food and water, then beheaded in the most macabre manner, a graphic tale recounted from pulpits every year since the day he was slain. Their bodies were mutilated.

Shia Muslims have since mourned the death of Husayn, in particular on the days of Ashura, then, forty days later, on Arbaeen. While it is a distinctively Shia spiritual exercise, Sunnis, even Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians, and Sabians partake in both the pilgrimage as well as serving of devotees. This is remarkable given the exclusive nature of religious rituals, and it could only mean one thing: people regardless of color or creed see Hussein as a universal, borderless, and meta-religious symbol of freedom and compassion.

Ashura and Arbaeen are unique gatherings because it takes place against the backdrop of chaotic and dangerous geopolitical scenes. ISIS and other terrorists organizations sees the Shia as their mortal enemy, so nothing infuriates the terror groups more than the sight of Shia pilgrims gathering for their greatest show of faith.



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