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Protest against construction of a 7-Eleven petrol station next to Meridan State College!

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Would you like your children to be exposed to carcinogenic petrol and gas fumes on a daily basis?

Unfortunately, that's about to become a reality for Meridan State College.

Construction is about to begin at 236 Parklands Blvd, Meridan Plains on a 24 Hour 7- Eleven petrol station, convenience store and car-wash centre, just metres away from school buildings, eating and play areas. This could present serious health risks to students, staff and nearby residents who would be constantly exposed to toxic air pollution and possible ground and water contamination should the development go ahead.

The school being a Prep - Year 12 school, means that nearly 3000 children and staff would be effected daily.

There has been many worldwide studies on the impact of living close to petrol stations and it has been proven that it's a health hazard. Repeated exposure (think maybe 13 years of schooling, for instance) to airborne chemical fumes such as benzene and hydrocarbons from diesel and petroleum can have serious consequences to humans, both acute - such as headaches, nausea, skin irritation, asthma and chronic - like long term disease, serious types of Anemia, Lung cancer and Leukemia.

More information about the effects of these poisons on humans, especially on young children can be found online. Studies by the World Health Organization, The Cancer Council, Monash University and many other reputable medical journals as well as hundreds of articles from newspapers internationally support these claims. I urge all parents and concerned parties to do some research for themselves as the results are quite confronting and really deserve further consideration.

There is no way in good conscience that such a development should be allowed this close to a school.

Another relevant issue arising from the development would be increased 24 hour traffic to Parklands Blvd which is already well known for its staggering traffic problems during school hours, the addition of more entering and exiting traffic from another drive-way on this road seems contradictory to solving the current traffic issues. On top of all that you can then also expect constant activity from construction equipment and eventually fuel tankers, frequenting what is basically, a suburban area.  An area which already does have access to quite a few petrol stations all within a 3 -5 km radius of the site.

There are many planning and environmental factors which have clearly not been considered or simply overlooked by the Sunshine Coast Council in this case.

Our community was never even given the opportunity to object the proposed development. According  to our Divison 3 Councillor Peter Cox and Developmental Planner Marcus Brennan under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme regulations this is "permitted use" of the land and therefore there is no public notification period required and no rights to appeal. Which seems outrageous since the site is next to a school. And as parents of children attending the school and residents, I think we are well within our rights to have a say. 

With this petition I'm hoping to raise awaresness in the community, even at this late stage we can hopefully get the right people involved and change the outcome.

Please support Meridan State College and surrounding neighbourhoods by signing this petition to stop this dangerous development and give our community a voice. We deserve to be heard.

I also invite you to attend the next P and C meeting at the school to voice these concerns. It's on Tuesday 7th March at 6pm and you will find us in the Rainforest Retreat Cafe. The meeting will also be attended by Councillor Peter Cox who can hopefully shed some light on this decision made by the Sunshine Coast Council.

I have tried to cover the more serious issues in this petition but there is a whole range of other facts to consider as well, so if you have any questions or think you can help navigate through all this red tape, please contact me. Any help would be much appreciated. Contact me via email -

You can also lodge your individual objections by emailing:

Division 3 Councillor -

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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