#ProtectRefugeeKids from Dutton’s brutality

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Peter Dutton is evicting hundreds of refugee families, some with newborn babies, and withdrawing all financial support, their only source of income. 

Families like single mum, Ayaan*, whose little boy, Zahi*, is just 18 months old. If Peter Dutton gets his way, Zahi will soon be without food and shelter.

With no rental or employment history and only six-month temporary visas, these mums and dads have been given three weeks to find jobs and homes, in the middle of a recession, with Covid-19 still raging. If we don’t do something today, hundreds of families will be out on the street.

This unprecedented move by Peter Dutton is re-traumatising kids who have already been through the wringer, many of whom suffer chronic mental and physical illnesses as a result of prolonged detention.  

On top of losing their homes, their schooling will be disrupted, if not terminated, robbing them of education and a wider support network.

The stress being placed on their parents, many of whom also suffer chronic mental and physical illnesses, is also a point of grave concern.

The families affected are those previously held on Nauru, who were brought to Australia for medical care. They have since been living in homes provided by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) without work rights, on a restricted government allowance. 

We are pleading with Minister for Families and Social Services, Anne Ruston to extend special benefits to all affected refugees while they work to obtain secure employment, housing and financial independence.

By washing his hands of responsibility for these families, Peter Dutton has placed the burden of care on the chronically underfunded and under-resourced community sector. 

All we want is to see these innocent children happy, healthy and safe, but as grassroots organisations already overwhelmed by the pandemic, we simply cannot cope with the consequences of Dutton’s actions.  

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This is a joint initiative by Mums4Refugees, Hope for Nauru and Grandmothers for Refugees NSW, with the support of the organisations listed below. 

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