Demand for Protection of Djap Wurrung sacred sites

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Minister for the Environment Melissa Price has given the go ahead for VicRoads to commence work on the Western Highway near Ararat. The 12.5 km stretch of land is a significant site to the People of Djapwurrung. The landscape has been guarded for the last 7 months by some First Nations People along with allies.

This sacred piece of land has many significant sacred trees including an 850 year old red gum birthing tree that an estimated 10,00 Djap Wurrung babies, connecting to 56 families that Djap Wurrung Women gave birth in and a Directions tree that is a 350 year old yellow box gum. Certain parts of this landscape are also burial grounds. The sacred trees were also culturally modified/ scarred trees that were created for future generations, holding much spiritual and cultural significance to Djap Wurrung peoples. 

The alternative route suggested is more cost efficient and would do far less damage. The government has misled the public as we know the widening of the road has the hidden agenda of more mining, and talks of big military machinery too. There are many native plants and insects that are heritage listed under protected species like the Golden Moth and our wildlife including The Sugar Glider, The Wedge Tailed Eagle and the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo.

Our Country is the second worst in the World for extinction of its flora and fauna. Please help us put a stop to this and save this beautiful country of ours before there is nothing left for future generations. Melissa Price is not the Minister FOR the Environment, by giving this the tick of approval proves she's the Minister FOR Destruction! Please sign this petition, share the link and spread the word. Because the reality is, our Government cares not for our lands, it cares only about the economy and how much it can take from our lands. Melissa Price should be ashamed. Was it not enough that the Djapwurrung People were almost extinct due to the horrific massacres during colonialism and now the Government still want to take what little is left for their descendants. Works commencing at the start of 2019. Come on Australia.